AMlegal Law Office

We offer comprehensive services to our Clients in the scope of their day-to-day business activity, and we also advise on single projects. We conduct cases before common courts, the Supreme Court, arbitration courts and administrative courts.

We perform the entrusted tasks with due care and diligence, using our knowledge and professional skills. We know the importance of mutual understanding, and in solving legal problems understanding is a fundamental issue. We use our efforts to ensure that in contacts with the Clients legal language does not become the source of misunderstandings or erroneous decisions. We listen carefully, seek to find the essence of the matter and try to find the best possible solution. We are communicative and involved – always on the side of the Client and justice.

Our Law Office cooperates with lawyers having a well-established position in the market, specializing in their respective domains. Owing to the long-term expertise gained at international law firms, leading Polish law offices and renowned consulting companies, we ensure a high level of services, rendering legal assistance in the Polish, English and Spanish languages. If the situation so requires, we also use the expertise of notaries public, certified translators, tax advisors, auditors and patent attorneys.

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